Get Well Soon, KC Carlson

In the comics industry, I have tons of online friends, but KC Carlson is a rarity in my online friends–as he’ll actually call me on the phone once and awhile (Which reminds me, I need to get him my new number…) and better yet–take phone calls from me.  His wife (and of course, respected industry critic and fellow pop culture blogger), Johanna Draper Carlson, posted some alarming news yesterday that I only just read tonight–KC may have had a mini-stroke earlier in the week.

I can’t thank Johanna enough for keeping her readers and friends in the loop at this very stressful time, as well as running a photo of a smiling KC. There is also some reassurance to the fact that KC is already home from the hospital. But anyway you slice it, reading that news made me realize just how much I respect, admire and treasure the friendship I have with KC and Johanna. They are good folks and deserve all the great health they can get (get rid of that cold, Johanna!)

Go visit the post at Johanna’s site and lend words of support and good wishes.

I run the risk of getting dope-slapped the next time they see me, but I have to ask them at some point–what was KC reviewing (and how bad was it) when he had the mini-stroke? Free double dope-slap, KC and Johanna, promise.

Get well soon, friend.