Wim Wenders Writes About Falk: For People?

Every blue moon People magazine surprises me, given that it’s usually the site for hyping Entertainment Tonight-style. They shocked me most of all on Monday when the magazine was able to get director Wim Wenders to pen a tribute to the late Peter Falk.

The voice on the phone started to giggle, and then the man laughed and it felt like he never was going to stop laughing. “An Ex-angel?! And you’re already shooting?”

My heart was in my mouth. That wasn’t going too well, I figured.

Peter Falk finally stopped laughing and asked, quite soberly all of a sudden: “And you have no script?”
“As a matter of fact, I did some of my best work this way…
[Pause] When do you need me?”
“As soon as possible.”
“I could be there on the weekend. Call my assistant in the morning. Here’s her number.”