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Brigid Alverson on Good Comics for Kids

As the parent of an eight-year old boy who is still warming up to the concept of reading outside of school assignments, I’m always looking for resources to help interest him in reading. So when I found out that Brigid Alverson had started a blog called Good Comics for Kids, I was definitely enthused. In fact I was so interested in finding out more about the group blog, I contacted Alverson for an interview. Here’s some background on Alverson:

“Editor-in-chief Brigid Alverson grew up reading American and British comics and developed a passion for manga late in life. She is the blogger at MangaBlog and the editor-in-chief of Digital Strips, and she does freelance comics writing for Publishers’ Weekly Comics Week, Shojo Beat, and other publications. You can see examples of her non-comics journalism at her personal site.”

After reading this interview, be sure to check out the links that Alverson was kind enough to provide of her fellow Good Comics for Kids bloggers.

Tim O’Shea: When did the idea for this blog first come about?

Brigid Alverson: Shortly before this year’s New York Comic-Con. Gina Gagliano, of First Second Books, and Janna Morishima, from Diamond, invited me to take part in a few panels on children’s comics. I started poking around on the internet and couldn’t find a site that was covering them in a regular, systematic way. So I started one.

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