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Olbermann Has Facial Hair

I am a fan of Keith Olbermann. With every disgruntled parting with a company, it gets harder for me to like him. His rationalization of his “difficult” reputation during a recent Larry King interview amuses me solely for one reason: Olbermann has grown facial hair.

Added bonus, when Larry fidgets with his nose knowing he is on camera.

Here’s hoping Olbermann has a nice long run with his next gig–with the MLB Network (he’s actually worked for MLB for several years, but not on air).

Larry King Joins Hulu

So it would appear that Larry King has come back to the interview show format. He will be providing four shows a week (Monday-Thursday) for Hulu. And King is as wacky as ever with the new show, Larry King Now.

Only King would say (discussing the prospect of being brought back from death in a new body): “What if you had Alzheimer’s?” and then laugh.

Man, imagine what it would be like if he interviewed Robert Blake.