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Jen Ferguson on Monster Mash-ups, Her Music and HBO’s Bored to Death

Monster Mash-Ups

This Saturday, October 30, marks the opening of Monster Mash-Ups (check out this video preview of the project) at Brooklyn’s Bergen Street Comics, a “collaboration between Brooklyn artist Jen Ferguson and Chicagoland writer Tim Hall. A hilarious and bizarro series of oil paintings and large format prints, MONSTER MASH-UPS update the classic movie and literary monsters of yore, including Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, the Wolfman, the Blob, the Mummy, and many more.” While I’ve interviewed Hall before, I had not had the pleasure of interviewing Ferguson. As noted at her website, Ferguson is “an emerging artist working in DUMBO Brooklyn, NY. Her focus is on epic & monumental oils, both architectural and figurative. She also is known for small delicate drawings and watercolors.” In addition to discussing the mash-ups, we discussed her art in general, as well as opening with getting background on her musical pursuits through the band, Cows Like Shrimp. I rarely get to discuss art and music in the same interview, so I appreciate Ferguson’s time.

Tim O’Shea: How long have you had the band, Cows Like Shrimp, and who else is in the band with you?

Jen Ferguson: Cows Like Shrimp is a band I’ve been playing bass in for about five years, on and off. Originally, we were called “The Seftones”, after Sefton Stallard, the lead singer and guitarist. Sefton, who I’ve know for almost 15 years, is the main driving force behind the band. In addition to myself and Sefton, we have a few drummers who rotate in and out depending on their availability, and strangely enough are both named “pete.” Lately we’ve added an additional guitarist, Doug Kennedy, so we’re a four piece playing original music. Since I work in the studio alone for many hours a day, it’s a nice chance to collaborate and do a form of art that’s social.

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