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Missed It: Roseanne Barr on Conan

Thanks to a tip from one of my many smart nephews and nieces (David J, I am looking at you, young sir), I tracked down Conan O’Brien’s Septmeber 13 interview with Roseanne Barr. Barr was swinging for the fences in this odd nine-minute clip, I guess in an effort to get people to watch the final installment (since aired) of her show, Roseanne’s Nuts on Lifetime. (Be advised, this interview has some foul language around the 8 minute mark)

By the time she gets around to talking about “little people’s stem cells” it becomes obvious she was hoping to generate controversy. It’s a mixture of desperation and mildly amusing.

Tonight Show: September 25, 1978

Tonight on Conan, Steve Martin was one of the guests. In passing, he mentioned something I had never realized: Martin guest hosted The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson five times.

Scrambling to YouTube, I found this video excerpt from a September 25, 1978 episode.

Get a load of the guest list (amazing how many guests could be crammed into one show [the show was still 90 minutes in 1978, as it stayed until 1980]).

Tonight Show Guest List for September 25, 1978

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