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Kennedy Center Honors | David Letterman Tribute

As the comedians note in tribute to David Letterman (from last night’s Kennedy Center Honors on CBS), it is fun to see Dave be uncomfortable. People (namely Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel and Ray Romano) complimenting and honoring him definitely makes him squirm.

This tribute was great to watch, except the end, when producers made all four presenters interact in a scripted manner. That was awkward for everyone.

Rediscovered Gem: 1991 Crowded House

I will always remember watching this Crowded House performance of Chocolate Cake (on David Letterman’s 1991 show) when it initially aired, solely because Tim Finn (in his lounge lizard persona) grabbed himself at the end of the performance.

God, I just love the intentional garishness of the Finn Brothers’ pants on this performance (Neil in green, Tim in blue). Also, odd to see those old tall CD display boxes.

Discovered Gem: Carson Interviewing Letterman Post-Leno Announcement

I am so glad that Johnny Carson was smart enough to get ownership/control of his Tonight Show run. Earlier this year, the folks managing Carson’s media properties started posting YouTube clips from a variety of Tonight Show moments (152 videos to date). The videos cover a variety of celebrities and topics. But for me, the best discovery so far is this 1991 David Letterman appearance, where Carson how Letterman feels about Jay Leno being named to replace Carson. But Carson being Carson, he asks the question in his own unique way.

The mutual admiration the two men had for each other is obvious in this clip.

Letterman’s Charitable Side: Sean Young

Last night David Letterman had Sean Young on his show. Some of you may ask, why? In fact, indirectly Letterman tries to justify why he had her on, listing some of the films she had worked on “from Blade Runner to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective“. Then once she came onstage, Letterman pointed out the last time she had been on Letterman’s show was 1993.

The booking was clearly an ac of kindness on Letterman’s part. She had no movie to promote and no project on the horizon. She made it clear, she was on the show to let Hollywood know: “I am available to work.” In the discussion, Young did not acknowledge that she had recently gone through treatment for alcohol addiction as part of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (earlier this year).

I always appreciate when Letterman books guests like this, who have publicly struggled but are striving to get their career back on track. I have no proof, but I wonder if he decided to start booking guests like this after the 1987 Crispin Glover appearance, where the actor apparently was trying to pull some sort of Andy Kaufman-esque prank (Wikipedia has a nice summation of the appearance contextually), that ended with Letterman fearing for his safety, walking off the set and cutting to commercial. When the show returned Glover was gone. A few weeks or so later, Letterman again booked Glover, in hopes that Glover could explain his actions to mixed success.

Watch this interview with Young, as it is clear that Letterman is rooting for Young’s recovery (on a personal and professional level). She discussed the Catwoman incident (when Young tried to get cast for the 1980s Batman sequel by confronting the folks making the movie, in her own homemade Catwoman costume), and then much to my surprise–oh I will not spoil it. There seems to be some continuing denial on Young’s part about how she got where she is today. But she still tries to convey an attitude of “I’ve learned my lesson, I am ready to work.” Just watch the entire interview, and if you are like me, you will find yourself rooting for Young (and enjoying the comedy bit she does poking at herself ).

Here’s hoping that Sean Young gets some calls from interested Hollywood types soon.

(Side note to Talking with Tim consumers reading this piece via Facebook, sorry for the embed code that gets tossed into the FB version of the post. Click on the FB link and it will take you back here to the site where you can view the video and dodge all that embed code.)

Reader Recommendation: Gogol Bordello

So my pals from Crumsy Pirates recently recommended a band to me. To be exact, lead vocalist Tracy Van Voris emailed to tell me: “I share with you links from my new favorest band: Gogol Bordello.” Here’s some video of the band from a 2007 David Letterman appearance.

To further quote Tracy: “They are a multi-culti gypsy punk band fronted by a madmad from the Ukraine called Eugene, who is, incidentally, a refugee from Chernobyl. Their music sounds like an Eastern European wedding band on steriods – and they are one of the best live bands EVER. Seriously.”

Performance this intense should be appreciated fully, I second Tracy’s suggestion.