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New Johnny Carson-Related Podcast Well Worth Your Time


As a late night talk show junkie it was a delight to find out from Pop Candy that podcaster Mark Malkoff is tracking down contemporaries of Johnny Carson for a new show called The Carson Podcast.

In addition to sharing their memories of Carson, the subjects often (and understandably) delve into their own careers, which makes for a whole even more enjoyable layer of entertainment than I ever expected.

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Kennedy Center Honors | David Letterman Tribute

As the comedians note in tribute to David Letterman (from last night’s Kennedy Center Honors on CBS), it is fun to see Dave be uncomfortable. People (namely Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel and Ray Romano) complimenting and honoring him definitely makes him squirm.

This tribute was great to watch, except the end, when producers made all four presenters interact in a scripted manner. That was awkward for everyone.

Shows That Failed: The Chevy Chase Show (1993)

Readers of Robot 6 know how much of a fan I am of writer Jeff Parker. Of course he is always aces in my book, since he is such a nice guy and he helped support this blog at the outset.

Last night he and I steered an exchange of comedic tweets into a brief discussion of late night TV–and more specifically The Chevy Chase Show, which aired for five weeks in 1993 (in a bid to compete with Jay Leno’s  Tonight Show [after Johnny Carson’s retirement]).

I had forgotten the short stay of the show, or the critical reaction to it. Chase was panned for his lousy monologue and interview skills.

I must say, I never have watched another show’s audience shot where there were empty seats (as briefly seen in this video).

He really asks Robert De Niro about driving a bus. Yep, as great as drying paint.