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Chelsea Crowell on New Album, Crystal City

Chelsea Crowell's Crystal City

Winter 2012 marks the U.S. release of singer/songwriter Chelsea Crowell’s second album, Crystal City. To mark the upcoming release, Crowell was kind enough to do another interview with me. And her frequent collaborator/producer Loney Hutchins jumped in with his perspective. Crowell is giving folks plenty of places to give a listen (or watch a video) to her new music. My thanks to Crowell and Hutchins for their time on this email interview.

Tim O’Shea: I love the video for I’m Gonna Freeze, where did you find the archival footage to use for the video? Or was that present day video made to look vintage?

Chelsea Crowell: I don’t know, ask my favorite person to work with Colm O’Herlihy. I entrust him with whatever and he never fails. Plus part of it is that it’s a surprise for me too. He is one of about one I would let take over full control of something like that.

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Interviews Worth Reading: History of Upright Citizens Brigade

Thanks to a tip from Pop Candy, I found out about a multi-source interview regarding the history of the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York magazine.  But my favorite interview from it may be with Conan O’Brien. Consider this snippet.

One night they asked me to do the [“ASSSSCAT”] monologue, and I said, “What happens?” Because I’m a guy who likes to prepare. And they said, “Don’t prepare—just take a word from the audience, start talking, and see what happens.” So someone shouted out “Dog!” and I started telling this story about a night that I pissed my dad off because I refused to take the dog out, and how he blew up—how I could hear him running down the stairs to get me. I told it in this comedic way, and people were really laughing, but I realized that I had, like, a sense memory of this big conflict I’d had with my dad in 1979. It was actually therapeutic.


Lisa Vanderpump: Before Bravo

So I have always loved the Naked Eyes’ song from 1984, (What) In The Name of Love. Meanwhile, in the present day, my wife loves to watch Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Imagine my surprised while watching the video credits for this 1984 song on YouTube.

Lisa Vanderpump

Yep, that’s right, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump worked in 1980s music videos, including this one.

Actress-Producer Camille Mana

Article first published as An Interview with Actress-Producer Camille Mana on Blogcritics.

Camille Mana

October is going to be a busy month for actress-producer Camille Mana. First up, she has a supporting role in the feature film Norman, which opens in theatres on October 21. She plays Helen Black, a unique high school classmate who has a crush on Norman (played by Cougar Town‘s Dan Byrd). Secondly, she will appear in actor/playwright Jesse Eisenberg’s new Off-Broadway play Asuncion, which opens October 27 at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre (directed by Kip Fagan and produced by The Rattlestick). To mark the launch of these two latest projects, Mana was kind enough to do an email interview, where we also discuss her plans for new projects allowing her to pursue additional writer-producer opportunities as well as her additional upcoming film releases.

How many pages did you get into Talton Wingate’s script for Norman before you realized you wanted the role of Helen Black?

I’d say that within the first 5 to 10 pages, I knew I would love to be a part of the project. I think you always know within the first 10 pages if you’re attracted to a piece. Just like first impressions in life- you know early on whether or not you’re hooked on something. All good screenplays establish tone and the world of the story in their opening beats. I remember writing my agents, saying I loved the screenplay, because this is exactly the kind of movie that I love to watch!

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Painter Brendan O’Connell Interviewed by Alec Baldwin

Brendan O'Connell

In what seems like a lifetime ago, in the mid-1980s, painter Brendan O’Connell and I went to high school together. The other day he dropped me a note to let me know he had upgraded his website. Imagine my surprise when I strolled over to find he was interviewed by actor Alec Baldwin.

I have been trying to interview O’Connell for years, but now that I understand he’s got Baldwin wanting to interview him, well hey, it makes sense why I am still waiting. :) Go read the interview. I am always impressed at what O’Connell has done since our high school days, and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for him and his ever-evolving pursuit of art.

Missed It: Roseanne Barr on Conan

Thanks to a tip from one of my many smart nephews and nieces (David J, I am looking at you, young sir), I tracked down Conan O’Brien’s Septmeber 13 interview with Roseanne Barr. Barr was swinging for the fences in this odd nine-minute clip, I guess in an effort to get people to watch the final installment (since aired) of her show, Roseanne’s Nuts on Lifetime. (Be advised, this interview has some foul language around the 8 minute mark)

By the time she gets around to talking about “little people’s stem cells” it becomes obvious she was hoping to generate controversy. It’s a mixture of desperation and mildly amusing.

Marc Bernardin on Syfy’s Alphas

When I found out that writer Marc Bernardin wrote next Monday’s episode (The Unusual Suspects [premiering September 19 at 10/9c]) of Syfy’s Alphas, I wanted to find out all I could from the writer himself. Lucky me, Bernardin was eager to discuss his work on the show. Below is a preview of the episode. Syfy described the episode as follows: “When a member of the team is suspected of being an agent for Red Flag, the group is held against their will until the traitor is revealed.”

My thanks to Bernardin for a fun interview during a busy and successful time in his life.

Tim O’Shea: How did you get involved with Syfy’s Alphas?

Marc Bernardin: Well, the long story is very long and involves decades of waiting, a boatload of luck, and a plane-load of an unnamed substance being airlifted into a classified location. The short story is, I wrote an original TV pilot for a show that’ll never get on the air — basically, I wrote a $30 million action movie, and that’s about $26 million more than they like to spend on pilots — my agents thought that, while it would never sell, it was strong enough to serve as a good sample. They sent it to the boys at Syfy who thought that my particular love for blowing stuff up, mated with my comic-book experience, would be a good fit for Alphas.

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