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Today’s Discovery: Spy on Hulu

Imagine a British comedy, slightly influenced by the old 1960s Get Smart, but with a tinge of Arrested Development/family dysfunction to round out the edges–then you have the 2011 comedy series (now available on Hulu) called Spy.

It may be only a sitcom–and I only may be four episodes into the series, but I love that there has already been some minor character development. The characters do not stay static for the sake of comedy.

Larry King Joins Hulu

So it would appear that Larry King has come back to the interview show format. He will be providing four shows a week (Monday-Thursday) for Hulu. And King is as wacky as ever with the new show, Larry King Now.

Only King would say (discussing the prospect of being brought back from death in a new body): “What if you had Alzheimer’s?” and then laugh.

Man, imagine what it would be like if he interviewed Robert Blake.

Missed It: Happy Endings Penny & Penny’s Mom Singing Duet

I watch the ABC sitcom Happy Endings while writing typically (sitcoms do not command the full O’Shea attention), but I cannot fathom how I missed this–from a few weeks back. A singing duet featuring Casey Wilson as Penny and Megan Mullally as Penny’s mother. I do remember thinking, man I hope Mullally appears again (much as she does periodically on NBC’s Parks and Recreation as one of Ron Swanson’s ex-wives). Watching it a second time, I realized that I ignored the scene because I hate this song. Glad I watched it again, despite the song.

A hat tip for Yahoo’s The Set, for making me aware of this bit, that at first I could not remember watching. Now if I could only find the scene where Penny fell forward with a podium (on Happy Endings season finale), while saying: “I’m going down!”

Cannot Wait: The Fall of Sam Axe

What a pleasant surprise, I just found out the Burn Notice prequel film, The Fall of Sam Axe, is set to premiere on Sunday, April 17, on USA Network at 9 PM. As much as I enjoy the Burn Notice series, Bruce “Sam Axe” Campbell is likely my favorite character in the show.

Here are two preview clips, courtesy of hulu.

Finally, here’s USA Network’s official description:

“Before Sam Axe teamed up with Michael and Fiona, he was Commander Axe, U.S. Navy SEAL. The Fall of Sam Axe tells the story of how Sam went from respected Naval Commander to the man of mystery we’ve come to know on Burn Notice. On what will turn out to be Sam’s last military mission, he is sent to the jungles of Colombia to investigate claims of a vicious terrorist organization known only as the “Espada Ariente” (Flaming Sword). His mission: to determine whether U.S. military aid is necessary to deal with the threat. But when he arrives, things are more complicated than he’d imagined. He receives word that the rebels have targeted a small civilian clinic deep in the jungle. Sam must now save the clinic’s doctors and patients from certain death. However, nothing is as it seems and the Espada Ardiente may not be the biggest threat Sam Axe faces.”

On hulu: The Dick Van Dyke Show

If IMDb is to be believed, this episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show, Happy Birthday and Too Many More, was one of the few to not be filmed with a studio audience. Why? Because it was filmed right around the time JFK was assassinated and there was a belief that no audience would be in the mood to laugh in the wake of the tragedy. Admittedly, you cannot tell there’s no audience, because the prerecorded laugh track was already in use by this time.

Still any chance to get to show a Dick Van Dyke Show is fine by me. Enjoy.

RIP Edwin Newman

Former NBC newsman Edwin Newman died this week at the age of 91. NBC  Nightly News’ Brian Williams did a nice nearly three-minute tribute to Newman (who retired from NBC [much to my surprise] in the mid-1980s).

It was nice to see them devote a good chunk of time to Newman’s comedic sense. My fondest memory was of Newman’s gig doing the news segments on David Letterman’s first daytime talk show for NBC. Clearly his career involved far more important phases than that, but for me, Letterman’s show was when I first really noticed Newman.

Hulu has links to a few more Newman clips, including Tom Brokaw and John Chancellor’s tribute to Newman upon his retirement in 1984.

Core Reaction on Hulu Plus Remains the Same

A few months back I shared my initial thoughts on the prospect of paying for hulu. My opinion, now that the subscription-based model has been revealed, remains the same for the most part. Granted, I was mistaken in thinking that all content would require a paid subscription. I’m glad to see I was wrong and that we’ll still be able to get something for free.

Hulu has posted a brief intro video clip (free!) explaining Hulu Plus.

Webnewser has a great roundup of various industry/pundit reactions.

My parting thought/side note? I find the new Hulu Plus logo really lacking and that’s a shame as I liked the initial core hulu logo design.