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Considering Dave FM’s A Thru Z Playlist: Letter B

This marks the second entry in a series examining Dave FM‘s alphabetical rundown of its entire music library, A Thru Z Playlist. You can find the first entry here.

The surprise entry for the letter B was The Godfathers’ 1988 hit: Birth, School, Work, Death.

Again, I don’t think I have ever heard this song played on the station, and I will be shocked if I hear it again. But at least it got played once.

Kent Moran on Listen to Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart

Article first published as Screenwriter/Musician/Actor Kent Moran Talks About Listen To Your Heart on Blogcritics.

This past Sunday, April 24, the Lifetime Movie Network premiered Listen To Your Heart, a film about an aspiring musician falling in love with a sheltered, hearing-impaired woman in New York–and the complexities involved with that relationship. The film will be replayed this Friday, April 29, at 2 PM EST (as well as Monday, May 9, at 8 PM EST and Tuesday, May 10, at 12 AM EST). The film stars Kent Moran, who also served as producer/screenwriter/composer/second unit director, as well as agreeing to discuss the film in this new email interview. In addition to discussing the many aspects of the film he was a part of, we also discuss the film’s success at numerous film festivals, its popularity on Netflix (Average of 106,997 ratings: 3.9 stars [as of April 21]) and working with a talented cast that included Cybill Shepherd. My thanks to Moran for his time and thoughts, as well as to Joy Phillips for helping arrange the interview.

Tim O’Shea: You wrote the music for the film, I am curious, did you develop the music after you wrote the plot? Or were they developed in parallel? I think part of the movie’s appeal is how well the script and music compliment each other.

Kent Moran: Thank you. Most of the songs I wrote specifically for the film and I wrote them into the script. I knew when I wanted songs to happen in the film. Some songs I wrote while I was writing the script and others I wrote after and then plugged them in. Still Worth Fighting was a song I had written before the movie and then realized that it fit well. Fight For You was originally written as a different song to be played when Danny interrupts the dinner party that Ariana’s mother throws for her, but after the film was edited, I decided that it didn’t work there and re-wrote it, slowed it down, and put it over the later montage where it now plays.

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Considering Dave FM’s A Thru Z Playlist: Letter A

Last week, the local Atlanta radio station Dave FM did an alphabetical rundown of its entire music library, A Thru Z Playlist.

I agree with most of the picks, but in each letter I am either surprised by some tunes they include and some that they don’t. In an upcoming series of blog posts, including this one, I will single out some of those surprises or oversights.

First up, a song I never have heard on Dave FM, and imagine I will never hear again on Dave FM. Today that candidate is Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine.

Chad Fagg & Melissa Barelmann on Just Blue

Another musician that I met on Cayamo 2011 back in February was guitarist Chad Fagg, one half (vocalist Melissa Barelmann being the other half) of Just Blue, a Melbourne, Florida-based Folk/Rock/Country musical duo. We briefly spoke during a Chuck Cannon show one night and from there we agreed to do this email interview about the music of Just Blue. I missed out when they performed in one of the Open Mike competitions on the boat, but fortunately (as you can see below)–friends filmed it for the duo. My thanks to Chad and Melissa for the interview.

Tim O’Shea: In talking about the formation of Just Blue, it was noted “moments of serendipity have followed Just Blue since Melissa Barelmann (vocals) and Chad Fagg (guitars, backing vocals) met in early 2006, brought together by a love of simple, personal songs” Can you talk about some of the moments of serendipity that have occurred in the band’s history?

Chad Fagg: How we met seemed to be destiny. My wife and I were part of an online gaming community and we were attending an event at a local bar. The bar had kareoke going on and by the second song I remarked that they had already gone back to the real cds. My wife, knowing that I have wanted to work with a female vocalist, turned to me and said ‘No that is Melissa, she is part of our group. Maybe she wants to be your female vocalist.’ So I approached her and asked if she wanted to try to put something together. A few days past and I wasn’t able to reach her. Figuring that she had decided that every idea sounds great in a bar that maybe she had decided to decline. Fortunatley she hadn’t.

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Congrats: Who Is Jake Ellis? [Update]

As noted by USA Today’s Brian Truitt, Nathan Edmondson and Tonci Zonjic’s Image limited series, Who Is Jake Ellis?, is no longer limited–it is now an ongoing. [Update: Edmondson contacted me to clarify, that as noted in the initial Truitt coverage, it is not an unlimited ongoing series: it has been extended in that there will be at least one more set of adventures than initially planned for the limited series. Instead of ending at five issues it will go on to 10, potentially 15 issues.] Congrats to the Jake Ellis crew.

In other Edmondson news, he recently tipped me off to a band called FOUND that composed music inspired by OLYMPUS, Edmonson’s project with Christian Ward.

In addition, there’s this song by Piano Player, also inspired by OLYMPUS.

Sam Axe Prequel Has Impact on Burn Notice Season 5

So if you read the comments section of my Sam Axe preview post, you can read my speculation of how great it would be to see characters from the prequel appear in upcoming Burn Notice episodes. Well, judging by this Entertainment Weekly interview with Matt Nix it will.

So are we going to see any characters from the movie pop up during season 5?
Hmmm…wouldn’t that be interesting. [Pauses]

The answer is yes, yes you will. Sam makes some enemies in this movie. And some of those enemies might show up in season 5.

Discovered: Lovett with Clark, Ely and Hiatt on ACL

Whenever I talk to folks about seeing Lyle Lovett live, quite often I hear about the joint shows he has done with fellow songwriters Guy Clark and Joe Ely, spoken about in reverential tones. So when I stumbled across this episode of Austin City Limits with all three plus John Hiatt, I had to link to it.

Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits.