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Garry Shandling Recalling Gilda Radner’s Appearance on It’s Garry Shandling’s Show

Garry Shandling is a fellow always seemingly ready with a laugh. But in this video excerpt where he recalls Gilda Radner’s appearance on his show, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, there’s a vulnerability about him.

As he notes, Radner was dying of cancer. Radner was also a longtime, close friend of the show’s co-creator, Alan Zweibel.

2006 Ron Howard Interview: Working with Andy Griffith

There’s an underlying quality of these Archive of American Television interviews that I appreciate. That is, rather than trying to conduct a talk show format (“Here’s a funny story, Jay.”) kind of interviews, the goal is to discuss the craft and history of television.

In this snippet from a 2006 interview with Ron Howard, he discusses the experience of working with Andy Griffith and the impact that the actor had on the set, in terms of setting a tone.

Be sure to visit this site to see other clips as well or if you want all the knowledge at once: the whole six-hour interview.

Things to Learn: Groucho Marx Auditioned for That Girl

Why do I continue to link to interviews like this? Because the Archive of American Television offers them and is also smart enough to place teasers like this (the fact that Groucho Marx auditioned to play Marlo Thomas’ dad on That Girl) on its YouTube channel.

To see the full Marlo Thomas interview, it can be found at the archive’s website.

Archive of American TV: Jonathan Winters on Robin Williams/Mork & Mindy

I’m really surprised that the Archive of American TV tried to zero in on only two topics with this Jonathan Winters clip. In the span of seven minutes, he covers what seems like seven different stories.

I could not fathom trying to get Winters to stay on topic (without negatively impacting his overall comedic rthythm).