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Jimmy Fallon Bonus: Kathy Bates Answers Twitter Questions

I really am getting to enjoy the bonus content that Jimmy Fallon’s staff posts on the show’s blog. The latest example is a brief interview with Kathy Bates taking questions submitted via Twitter from Fallon (and Bates) fans.

If nothing else, I appreciate the film for making me aware of Bates’ 2002 film, Unconditional Love.

Behind the Scenes: Jimmy Fallon as Bob Dylan

This Late Night with Jimmy Fallon “behind the scenes” video is fairly boring (from a behind the scenes perspective) until after the sketch (in which Fallon plays Bob Dylan–singing the theme to old 1980s Scott  Baio/Willie Aames sitcom, Charles in Charge) is over. Then you follow Fallon backstage where he relentlessly grills the folks back to stage as to if the sketch was any good. It never ceases to amaze me how much most of the late night TV show hosts (Letterman included) seem to automatically doubt their talent on a seemingly regular basis.

Missed It: Denis Leary’s Appearance on Jimmy Fallon

So, I missed Denis Leary on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the other night. Thanks to Fallon’s website, though I can embed snippets here at my site. Enjoy.

And here’s Fallon and Leary playing air hockey, with the loser giving $5,000 to The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care. You have to love comedy that ultimately leads to charity.

Watching Jimmy Fallon Live with Jimmy: Initial Reaction

I’ll fully admit, when I found out Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was teaming with Ustream.tv to allow viewers a chance to watch Jimmy Fallon view a night’s episode of his show from his office, I was intrigued. It seemed to me a perfect variation on what the former Mystery Science Theater folks do with their respective (be it Cinematic Titanic or Rifftrax) incarnations at their live shows (via satellite at neighborhood movie theaters).

Unfortunately they need to rethink their execution, based on the first night. My problem with it, the audio from the Ustream feed was muddled–not because of Ustream’s technology but because Fallon had filled the room with his Late Night staff (too many folks, honestly). Few of them are used to being on TV, and some of them were on the verge of mumbling when they spoke, others speaking at the same time. I think it would work better if Ustream provided a screen in screen shot–with the actual NBC show in the corner, while the Ustream stays as the dominant screen. Even better, Fallon would be better off inviting three or four staffers to do the Ustream show, rather than the whole staff.

I still like the core concept, I just hope they improve things based on moments that worked (when Fallon pulled out a custom made guitar, using stained-glass, which lit up as he mock played and the whole staff sang the old WKRP in Cincinnati theme, for example). I’m willing to give it a second try, with hopes for a more enjoyable experience.