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Writers, artists, novelists, musicians and other pop culture service providers from different walks of life. Since the late 1990s, Tim has interviewed folks via email. Debate the merits and value of email interviews as much as you like, it’s the only forum that works for Tim. Suggestions or other feedback are welcome. Please email editor at talkingwithtim.com

8 thoughts on “Who Talks to Tim?

  1. Ahoy, Timmo – interesting new look. How’s it working for YOU?

    We had a wild little Labor Day – you can see our blog on myspace. Although we haven’t done any gigs lately, this one was lots of fun. I’m thinking that it would be more fun to play parties from now on, rather than clubs…but alas, we are OLD and have no friends.

    Still, we fully expect to play Colin’s 16th B-day…or for anyone else you can think of in the meantime.

    Hugs and kisses to you and yours!

  2. We just finished recording the newest Crumsy Pirates album this week at Ledbelly Studios up in Canton. We had a blast, too!

    It’ll called “Fascism Sucks” and we’re hoping for a March release. Right now we’re deciding the last minute mixing and plan to get it mastered in the next couple of weeks. OMG it so rocks, for reals!

    Perhaps you and the missus can come by for a special sneak preview listen and then another Manuals visit or something in the near future?

    Loves ya,

  3. FINALLY – copies of Fascism Sucks should be ready for consumption May 24. It’s supposed to be delivered to us some time next week. Hurray! We want to get you a copy as soon as we can, too, so I’m giving you the head’s up NOW!

    Commence the Happy Dance!

  4. Hello, my name is Tracy, and I am a World Cup Addict.

    Hey, I do likes me some euro-football in general – I do listen to matches on BBC5, follow some of the dailies, etc., throughout the year. But I wouldn’t call myself a “superfan” of the sport by any means…oh, no…just because I can name more that 20 international players and their respective club teams does NOT mean I am a soccergeek….it’s just that:

    Well, I freaking LOVE the World Cup. I’ve been watching it some since the ’80s, and ever since mon capitan, ZiZou, captured my heart with Le Bleu several tournaments ago…and yes, my husband understands as he’s been dealing with a mancrush on that Brazilian Kaka…every four years, I just can’t. Stop. Watching.

    And now. Now I have to choose between the country of my ancestors (the ones who aren’t from the British Isles, anyway), and those cuties from Espania. What to do, what to do?

    Well, I’ll manage.

    And then by Monday morning, I’ll be wanting to come back to humanity and see some old friends….so what will you be doing this upcoming week, mi amigo? Want to get together sometime? We’ve got a CD with your name on it, and a perfect place for some Jamaican food!

    T. – happy to finally come out of the closet to you on this World Cup matter

  5. How long will you watch this before you see four or five idiots ‘recreating’ the famous shot? Seriously – I saw a set of folks doing it within the first 30 seconds. For best results, keep in mind that there is a 5 hour time difference from here to there:


    (Gah, I hate the Beatles. Yeah, I had to say it.)


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