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Final Tad Williams’ Shadowrise Excerpt

Tad Williams' Shadowrise
Tad Williams' Shadowrise

One final thanks (this week, at least) to Deborah for these excerpts. This is the third and final excerpt from  Tad Williams‘ upcoming release–Volume 3 in the Shadowmarch series, Shadowrise. The book will be released in March.

Today’s excerpt is from Chapter 11 (Cut and Thrust):

“Princess Briony,” said Lady Ananka as the servitors cleared away the most recent course, “can you tell me how children are raised in the north?”

A few whispers and quiet anticipatory laughter ran the length of the royal table. Briony wished her friend was beside her, but Ivgenia had been assigned to one of the lesser tables at the other end of the hall and she might as well have been in another country.

“I’m sorry, Baroness, but I did not hear your question.”

“How are children raised in the north?” the king’s mistress asked. “Are they allowed to run wild there, as the Marchfolk allow their sheep and other animals to do?”

Briony smiled carefully. “Not all our animals run wild, Lady, but for those who live in areas where grass grows freely it only makes sense to take advantage of the bounty the gods provide.”

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Second Excerpt from Tad Williams’ Shadowrise

Tad Williams' Shadowrise
Tad Williams' Shadowrise

Thanks again to Deborah Beale’s kindness, here is the second excerpt from  Tad Williams‘ upcoming release–Volume 3 in the Shadowmarch series, Shadowrise. The book will be released in March.

In this second installment, we get a look at a snippet of Chapter Six (Broken Teeth):

Barrick had often criticized his sister Briony for her slovenly habits. She let dogs sleep in her bed even on warm nights, dropped her shoes wherever she took them off, and would cradle the muddiest, most disgusting creature in the world to her breast as long as it was a baby — whether puppy, foal, kitten, lamb, or chick. However, despite all the times Briony had driven her more fastidious brother into a rage, his strongest wish now was that he could speak to her again and apologize for saying that she was the most untidy thing that had ever lived…because now he knew better. No creature, not even some blind worm living in the very privies of Kernios, could be more disgusting than the raven Skurn, with his meals of frogspawn and festering mouse carcasses, his verminous, patchy feathers, and his constant smell of blood, rot and ordure.

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First Excerpt from Tad Williams’ Shadowrise

Tad Williams' Shadowrise
Tad Williams' Shadowrise

Last week, I covered Deborah Beale’s use of Twitter to market (husband and business partner) Tad Williams‘ upcoming release–Volume 3 in the Shadowmarch series, Shadowrise. In a follow-up to the interview, Beale was kind enough to provide compilations of her tweets. Here is the first of three excerpts. Over the next few days I will post two more excerpts.

In this first installment, enjoy an excerpt from Chapter Three (Silky Wood):

“I have a plan, bird.” Barrick Eddon unwound another strand of prickly creeper from his arm, hook by barbed, painful hook. “A very clever plan. You find me a path that doesn’t take me through every single thorn bush in Fairyland…and I won’t flatten your nasty little skull with a rock.”

Skurn hopped down to a lower branch, but prudently remained out of Barrick’s reach. He fluffed his blotched feathers. “It all do look different from up in sky, don’t it?” The raven’s tone was sullen. Neither of them had eaten since the middle of the day before. “Us can’t always tell.”

“Well, fly lower.” Barrick stood up and rubbed at the line of small, bleeding holes, then pulled his ragged shirtsleeve back down.

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Deborah Beale on Using Twitter to Preview Tad Williams’ Shadowrise

Tad Williams' Shadowrise
Tad Williams' Shadowrise

As damn fine a writer and editor that Deborah Beale is, I consider her equally great as a marketing genius. I’ve written before about some of her and husband/business partner/writer Tad Williams marketing ventures before in this post from last October. I recently joined Twitter (find me here as Talkingwithtim) and have started observing how folks that I respect utilize it to their advantage. This March, Volume 3 in Williams’ Shadowmarch series, Shadowrise, will be released. To whet the appetite of fans anticipating the book’s release, Beale is twittering (as MrsTad)  excerpts from the book. The most recent series of tweets started on January 23.  I had to ask Beale a few questions about the effort, and she was more than happy to oblige me in this mini email interview. My thanks to Beale for her time and efforts, as always.

Tim O’Shea: How did you come up with the idea to start sharing excerpts from Tad’s new novel, Shadowrise via Twitter?

Deborah Beale: It wasn’t a flash-bang moment; it just occurred to me sometime back that it would be a cool thing to do. I was waiting for a finished manuscript from Tad, and I wanted to fit in with the publishers wishes too, which means streaming something close to publication date. Now, of course, I’m wondering who else might be doing something like this. There was one fiction-experiment last year, I can’t remember the details but it didn’t end well. I’m just throwing stuff out there for our followers and mailing list (who got a free short story for Xmas.) And I’m having fun with it.

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Best of Lists Begin: Congrats to Williams and Beale

Two things reliably occur in the month of December, non-stop holiday shopping ads and the frequent release of “Best of” lists from various publications and websites. As I discover folks that I have interviewed that have made a “Best of” list, I will try to take note of them here at the blog.

First up in that category is The Dragons of Ordinary Farm by Tad Williams and Deborah Beale, who I interviewed back in July. Williams and Beale’s book were ranked in Liz Rosenberg/Barnes and Noble’s Best Children’s Books of 2009: Chapter Books list. Congrats to Williams and Beale on earning an inclusion in such a valuable collection of books.

Liz Rosenberg

Tad Williams/Deborah Beale on Dragons of Ordinary Farm

I missed out on the opportunity to interview Tad Williams a few years back. So when I heard he and his business partner/collaborator/wife Deborah Beale were starting a new young adult book series with the launch of the first volume, The Dragons of Ordinary Farm, I reached out to them to see if they were open to an email interview. Luckily for me, they were.

Here’s some details about the book: “Tyler and Lucinda have to spend summer vacation with their ancient uncle Gideon, a farmer. They think they’re in for six weeks of cows, sheep, horses, and pigs. But when they arrive in deserted Standard Valley, California, they discover that Ordinary Farm is, well, no ordinary farm.

The bellowing in the barn comes not from a cow but from a dragon. The thundering herd in the valley? Unicorns. Uncle Gideon’s sprawling farmhouse never looks the same twice. Plus, there’s a flying monkey, a demon squirrel, and a barnload of unlikely farmhands with strange accents and even stranger powers.

At first, the whole place seems like a crazy adventure. But when darker secrets begin to surface and Uncle Gideon and his fabulous creatures are threatened, Lucinda and Tyler have to pull together to take action. Will two ordinary kids be able to save the dragons, the farm — and themselves?”

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