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Crystal Zevon Recalls Warren

I have never seen an interview with Crystal Zevon, the ex-wife of the late Warren Zevon, until this gem. Being married to him could not have been easy, and you have to admire someone who clearly still loved and admired the man, despite the pain he put her through.

If you’ve never read her book on Warren, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, do yourself a favor and track it down.

Worth Watching: Tom Hanks on Jimmy Kimmel

I rarely praise Jimmy Kimmel on this blog. Partially it’s due to a bias I formed against Kimmel from his days on Comedy Central’s The Man Show. But I really started warming up to Kimmel when he supremely zinged Jay Leno in last year’s NBC Late Night Schedule Waffling. So after mocking the Oscars last night, I stuck around to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Oscar late night show edition. And boy am I glad I did. Kimmel scored everyone’s dream late night guest, Tom Hanks. As usual, Hanks delivered. Be sure to stick around to the end for a surprise cameo.

I really hope “Don’t be a hooch!” becomes a popular phrase.

Caroline Leavitt on Pictures of You

Pictures of You

Caroline Leavitt‘s latest novel, Pictures of You, is already in its third printing. So I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have recently email interviewed her about the book. As detailed at her site, the book can best be described as: “A mysterious car crash on a deserted, foggy road brings three people together in a collision of their own: A photographer fleeing her philandering husband and consumed with guilt. An asthmatic boy with a terrible secret. A husband who realizes that he never really knew his wife.”

Tim O’Shea: After reading your recent essay for The San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, I am left with one question. Had you ever regarded writing as a form of therapy prior to writing your latest novel–and would you agree that to some extent it is a form of therapy?

Caroline Leavitt: Great question. I absolutely agree. I think I knew early on that writing made me feel better. I was a tense, moody, unsettled kid with terrible asthma, and I started out writing when I was most unhappy or felt most alone. I could lose myself and my problems in the work, and I quickly became addicted. I also quickly learned that to be any good, I had to write when I was happy, too—every day, in fact. I also knew somehow that I could be a happy, silly person in everyday life IF I got out all my demons in my work.

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David Susskind: On the Great Depression

The weekly interview returns this week, but is delayed a day, I am afraid.  Thanks for your patience.

In the interim, here’s an episode of The David Susskind Show (via hulu), where Russell Baker, Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach and Ed Koch discuss the Great Depression. I love that there was once a show that could devote so much time to subjects like this one.

Still Recovering: Cayamo 2011

So, Sunday I got back from Cayamo 2011, a seven-day cruise with more than 50 performing musicians. Out of the 120 or more concerts that were held on the cruise, I estimate I made it to more than 50 of them. Still trying to process my thoughts. And, on the good news front–I met several musicians willing to do email interviews. Stay tuned for more info as my brain returns from vacation.

Archive of American Television: Meta Rosenberg on The Rockford Files

I am having a blast getting the different perspectives on The Rockford Files, thanks to the Archive of American Television site. Today we get a snippet from Meta Rosenberg. Who is Rosenberg? As noted at the site: “Meta Rosenberg (1915-2004) was interviewed for nearly four hours in Beverly Hills, CA.  Rosenberg spoke of her early success as one of the first women literary executives in Hollywood.  She soon established herself as a premiere talent agent with clients including, Robert Redford, Alan Arkin, Robert Culp, and long time client, James Garner.  She is also responsible for packaging many shows including, Julia, Ben Casey, Ironside, and Rockford Files.  The interview was conducted by Sunny Parich on February 12, 1998.”

This clip has her discussing Leo Penn (Sean’s dad) who directed many episodes of The Rockford Files.

Lauren Bacall Was Once Engaged to Frank Sinatra?

Wow, the March 2011 issue of Vanity Fair has a hell of a piece on Lauren Bacall, which includes her discussing a 1958 brief engagement to Frank Sinatra.

In 1958, Sinatra proposed. “I questioned nothing. That was my trouble—one of my troubles,” she says. The night of their engagement, they went to the Imperial Gardens restaurant on the Sunset Strip. “A young girl came over for autographs,” writes Bacall in By Myself. “Frank handed me the paper napkin and pen. As I started to write, he said, ‘Put down your new name.’ So ‘Lauren Bacall’ was followed by ‘Betty Sinatra.’ It looked funny, but he asked for it and he got it. I often wondered what became of that paper napkin.”