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Um, About That New Summer Schedule

Sorry to not have a new interview this week. And I genuinely have intended to post a smidge more frequently. But life demands have precluded frequent blogging. I wish I could promise increased posting, but wedding plans will be a top priority until early August. Please indulge me.

Elizabeth Genco on Blue

Elizabeth Genco caught my attention a month or so back, with a post she did for Blog@Newsarama on “How to Get Your Indie Book into Comic Shops”. If more indie creators sought the counsel of retailers like she did , I think we’d see a great deal more successfully marketed projects. I contacted her to discuss her upcoming work, Blue–partially because I respected her marketing savvy.

Here’s the official word on the project:

by Elizabeth Genco w/art by Sami Makkonen, coming July 2008 from Desperado Publishing. Available for pre-order in MAY 08 PREVIEWS (MAY083778). Preview pages HERE.

A fresh, fantastic take on the bloodiest of classic fairy tales. When Blue’s ex-boyfriend appears on her doorstep, he says he wants to make things right. His true intentions are far more sinister. Blue’s shape-shifting powers can help her outrun him, but to survive, she must face him as herself.”

And, rather than trying to summarize her diverse bio, I merely direct you to go here. Finally, I am fairly certain this is the first time I have interviewed a busker–I could be wrong.

Tim O’Shea: How did you end up collaborating with Finnish artist Sami Makkonen?

Elizabeth Genco: Oh, gosh, I’m not even sure anymore! I think I first found his work on The Engine, maybe? I can’t remember exactly, but I do remember thinking, “This guy is the bomb… he’s probably got starving writers crawling all over him… he’ll never have time for l’il old me!” But I tend to be pretty ballsy when it comes to approaching artists, so I just gave it a shot.

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