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Erin Carlson on New York Romantic Comedy Film Site Tours

Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine in 1960's The Apartment
Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine in 1960’s The Apartment

I recently discovered that entertainment writers Jennifer Armstrong and Erin Carlson will be offering fall tours of romantic comedy film sites in New York’s Upper West Side. The prospect of seeing where Billy Wilder filmed some of The Apartment intrigued me, so Armstrong (who I recently interviewed) put me in touch with Carlson to discuss the tours. Slots are still open for the first tour on Sunday, September 8, and they are a true bargain at only $35 per person.

Tim O’Shea: When did you and Jennifer realize you were interested in offering these romcom location tours?

Erin Carlson: SideTour first reached out to Jen about leading a tour based on one of her pop-culture books, but after a lengthy Facebook conversation about the amazingness of You’ve Got Mail, she pitched me the idea of an 80s/90s romcom-themed jaunt through Nora Ephron’s Upper West Side. I said yes immediately.

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Documentaries To Haunt You: From One Second to the Next

Apparently AT&T hired Werner Herzog to documentary about the dangers of texting and driving, available on YouTube, called From One Second to Next. Not surprisingly, the film legend does a damn good job with it, taking four stories ranging from the perspective of victims and those texting. It is haunting, just as described by the Slate post that made me aware of it.

I am guilty of checking email as I drive, I will admit that. I need to stop because my luck is going to run out someday. I could have been in this documentary.