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Brendan O’Connell on The Colbert Report

I am sure someone I have interviewed in the past has appeared on The Colbert Report, but this is the first time to my knowledge I interviewed someone before they appeared on the show.

Also, according to the Kickstarter website, O’Connell is slated to appear in an upcoming People magazine, and an episode of CBS Sunday Morning.

Everyartist Kickstarter Has Launched

As promised, here is the direct link to Everyartist’s Kickstarter, which has launched.

Before you donate to the Kickstarter, you will likely ask–where is my money going to be utilized? Here’s the plan:

“In 2013, Everyartist will create a national, collaborative art event that engages elementary school children across the country – the largest art event in history.

We’re raising money to launch and facilitate this national collaborative art event. Included in this is building a downloadable kit that will make it easy for parents and teachers to register and become local event coordinators. The kit includes instructions for staging an event, group lesson plans with the rudimentary elements of drawing designed by a professional art educator adaptable to every age group, stickers and other incentives for the participating children, and a press release that can be shared with local media.

We can bootstrap this event for $30,000, but the more money we raise, the greater our impact will be and the more kids we can reach. We need your support!”

Brendan O’Connell on His Art & His New Project, Everyartist

This interview has been a long time coming. I have been wanting to interview professional artist Brendan O’Connell for years. O’Connell and I went to high school together–and thanks to social media, we got back in touch with each other back around 2007 or so. I have covered him here a few times at the blog. While most of this interview is focused on O’Connell’s work, O’Connell and I finally got together to talk because of his latest educational and artistic endeavor, Everyartist. O’Connell is one of the founding partners of Everyartist.

“In 2013, Everyartist will create a national, collaborative art event that engages elementary school children across the country – the largest art event in history. Our platform of events, digital content/tools and retail products empowers ArtTeachers, ArtMoms and ArtAngels to spark and sustain the creativity inside every ArtKid.”

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Brendan O’Connell Featured In This Week’s New Yorker

New Yorker
New Yorker

Tomorrow I will run an interview with arts education advocate/painter/former high school classmate of mine Brendan O’Connell.

But, I am happy to say that this week’s edition of The New Yorker features a profile on O’Connell, detailing his creative relationship with Walmart–and the stores’ impact on his career.

Be advised you need to subscribe to the magazine to read the full version.

Painter Brendan O’Connell Interviewed by Alec Baldwin

Brendan O'Connell

In what seems like a lifetime ago, in the mid-1980s, painter Brendan O’Connell and I went to high school together. The other day he dropped me a note to let me know he had upgraded his website. Imagine my surprise when I strolled over to find he was interviewed by actor Alec Baldwin.

I have been trying to interview O’Connell for years, but now that I understand he’s got Baldwin wanting to interview him, well hey, it makes sense why I am still waiting. :) Go read the interview. I am always impressed at what O’Connell has done since our high school days, and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for him and his ever-evolving pursuit of art.

Art: Brendan O’Connell Launches New Website

A former high school classmate of mine and accomplished artist and writer, Brendan O’Connell, has launched his new website. As O’Connell describes himself, he “divides his time between writing and painting, between figuration and abstraction.” I consider myself fortunate to know Brendan and hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to run an interview with him, as our respective schedules permit. In the meantime, please visit his website, it’s a visual and intellectually intriguing delight on many levels. Here’s just one of his pieces:

Snacks by Brendan O'Connell
Snacks by Brendan O'Connell