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Artists I Respect: LiShinault

Shot of a LiShinault bridal portrait (in process)

A week or so back, an artist I have respected for the past few years, LiShinault, shared (on her Facebook page)  a work-in-progress photo of a wedding portrait she recently painted. Since I love seeing how a project comes together through its various stages, I relish getting to see photos like this one. As a result, I received permission from LiShinault to share the photo here, as well as some of the Decatur, Georgia-based artist’s other works. In addition to commission work, as noted in her bio she “primarily paints small to large-scale works across a variety of media that include mostly feminine figures and animals”.

One of these days hopefully I will be able to run an interview here with her. In the meantime, enjoy her work speaking for her.

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