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Shows That Failed: The Chevy Chase Show (1993)

Readers of Robot 6 know how much of a fan I am of writer Jeff Parker. Of course he is always aces in my book, since he is such a nice guy and he helped support this blog at the outset.

Last night he and I steered an exchange of comedic tweets into a brief discussion of late night TV–and more specifically The Chevy Chase Show, which aired for five weeks in 1993 (in a bid to compete with Jay Leno’s  Tonight Show [after Johnny Carson’s retirement]).

I had forgotten the short stay of the show, or the critical reaction to it. Chase was panned for his lousy monologue and interview skills.

I must say, I never have watched another show’s audience shot where there were empty seats (as briefly seen in this video).

He really asks Robert De Niro about driving a bus. Yep, as great as drying paint.

Rediscovered Gem: 1991 Crowded House

I will always remember watching this Crowded House performance of Chocolate Cake (on David Letterman’s 1991 show) when it initially aired, solely because Tim Finn (in his lounge lizard persona) grabbed himself at the end of the performance.

God, I just love the intentional garishness of the Finn Brothers’ pants on this performance (Neil in green, Tim in blue). Also, odd to see those old tall CD display boxes.

Faulkner Detectives on Its New EP, The Modern Handshake

Faulkner Detectives: The Modern Handshake

In late May, the New York City-based indie-rock quartet Faulkner Detectives released its new EP, The Modern Handshake. To mark its release the quartet–which consists of Elizabeth Keenan-Penagos on bass; Vanessa Lopez on drums;  Alex Segura on guitar/vocals; and Meg Wilhoite on keys/vocals–was kind enough to participate in a brief email interview. (Full disclosure, Alex and I are old pals, since the days I wrote for The Great Curve [the comics blog precursor to  Blog@Newsarama {now Robot 6}]). Once you’ve enjoyed the interview, be sure to follow the band’s advice: “You can get it pretty much anywhere digitally — iTunesAmazoneMusicCDBabyBandCamp, stream on Spotify – and if you’re a fan of holding records in your hands, like us,you can also get hard copies via Livid Records!” My thanks to Faulkner Detectives for their time and thoughts.

Tim: A lot of folks play in bands, but not every band are organized enough to release an EP. Why do each of you think you collaborate so effectively and what were some of the biggest challenges to getting this EP together?

ELIZABETH: As a band, we’re a good mesh of personalities. I think it says a lot that both Meg and Alex have been my roommates in the past, and I’m still happy to be in a band with them!

For me personally, the biggest challenge getting the EP together is that I hate recording. I was a music major in college, so I have a long history of recording. But I’m a perfectionist, and I hear every mistake, which can be frustrating if you only have a short time to record.

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So, I Am Back

That last Eurythmics post (or getting that video up) has been in my head for a month. But life got in the way. I hope you missed me, as I missed the blog. Sorry for the absence.