Monthly Archives: November 2012

Today’s Discovery: Spy on Hulu

Imagine a British comedy, slightly influenced by the old 1960s Get Smart, but with a tinge of Arrested Development/family dysfunction to round out the edges–then you have the 2011 comedy series (now available on Hulu) called Spy.

It may be only a sitcom–and I only may be four episodes into the series, but I love that there has already been some minor character development. The characters do not stay static for the sake of comedy.

Must Watch: ACL Presents–Americana Music Festival 2012

It is hard to pick my favorite moment from the Americana Music Festival 2012, which recently aired on PBS (and can still be viewed here).

Watch ACL Presents: Americana Music Festival 2012 on PBS. See more from Austin City Limits.

The festival was hosted by Jim Lauderdale (who also performed with Buddy Miller). Around the 30-minute mark Guy Clark captures your attention/breaks your heart with a tune dedicated to his late wife and creative collaborator Susana Clark (who died earlier this year). While Bonnie Raitt made Crazy Thing Called Love a hit, I have always considered it a John Hiatt song–so I was pleased as punch to see the two of them perform the song together. The best was saved for last, when all the performers joined together on The Weight, in tribute to the late Levon Helm.

Olbermann Has Facial Hair

I am a fan of Keith Olbermann. With every disgruntled parting with a company, it gets harder for me to like him. His rationalization of his “difficult” reputation during a recent Larry King interview amuses me solely for one reason: Olbermann has grown facial hair.

Added bonus, when Larry fidgets with his nose knowing he is on camera.

Here’s hoping Olbermann has a nice long run with his next gig–with the MLB Network (he’s actually worked for MLB for several years, but not on air).