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Blog Now Features Tumblr and Twitter Streams

New Tumblr and Twitter streams for the right side of the blog
New Tumblr and Twitter streams for the right side of the blog

I am happy to announce that thanks to my finally mastering WordPress widgets, after a few years of ineptitude, I am now able to keep this blog a smidge more fresh.

How may you ask?

Look to the right of this post. Hopefully you should see my Tumblr and Twitter feeds. While I am striving to develop more interviews for this blog, in the interim, my RSS feeds should hopefully equally entertain my long-time readers.


Georgia History That I Knew Nothing About: Columbians of 1946

While not well-versed in the history of racism in my home state, I was consider myself fairly well informed. Therefore I was surprised that it took until yesterday (thanks to a photo in AJC’s new Photo Vault Tumblr) to become aware that in 1946, there was a Georgia-based neo-nazi group called the Columbians.

Consider this excerpt from the Georgia Encyclopedia:

“During the summer of 1946, Atlantans witnessed the rise of the Columbians, the nation’s first neo-Nazi political organization. The group pursued a campaign of intimidation against the city’s minorities, patrolling those neighborhoods most vulnerable to racial transition, and threatening with violence those residents who dared cross the city’s “color line.” Although they attracted some support from Atlanta’s working-class whites, the Columbians were uniformly condemned by the city’s press and targeted for arrest by its political establishment. By the following summer the group had dissolved, following the conviction of its leaders, Homer Loomis and Emory Burke, on charges of usurping police power and inciting to riot.”

While racism still exists today on some level, I take some solace that as far back as 1946, the establishment fought it on some level. Not as much as it should, of course–but still some level of resistance is better than none. God, if only I could say there is no racism today, but that’s sadly would be a delusional belief.

Where Have I Been?

No new posts since late November? Yowza.

I love pop culture and I love social media. And since I first developed this blog, the ability to share my thoughts–random and short–has become much easier with sites like Tumblr (You can find me there here). And the feedback is more immediate than I often receive on this blog.

Is this my time to end the blog? Heck no. For one thing, I cannot run interviews on Tumblr–and I still want to have this forum to express myself. I may start providing links to fun Tumblr items (or other social media observations) as well.

Thanks for your patience, in the interim, and thanks for reading.

Sara Ryan on Empress of the World

Empress of the World

Back in 2001, librarian and novelist Sara Ryan captured folks’ attention with her young adult novel, Empress of the World. The book (described as “about friendship, love, and the sometimes blurry lines between the two”) is an Oregon Book Award winner, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. Recently the book was re-released in an expanded edition. Ryan and I conducted an email interview about it, as well as delving into her upcoming comics work, which includes Bad Houses, a collaboration with Carla Speed McNeil. This interview goes in some pleasant directions and I was lucky to get to interview Ryan.

Tim O’Shea: In researching our interview, I searched for your Tumblr page but accidentally discovered the number of people that quote your work (and hashtag it “Sara Ryan”). I think it safe to assume that any writer wonders how much their work resonates with people. How affirming is it when you see people quoting your work

Sara Ryan: Here’s where I expose my ignorance of the finer points of Tumblr. Until you pointed it out, it hadn’t occurred to me to check if anyone had tagged posts about me/my work. Now that I know said posts exist, I’m certainly pleased!

Speaking of Tumblr, visiting your Tumblr page it becomes obvious (at least to me) that you love the power of photography.

I do. Photography actually connects very much to comics writing for me; I can’t draw, but I can compose images with my camera. I try to use that same visual sensibility when I write panel descriptions — while leaving enough room for the artist to bring their own interpretation, of course.

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Tumblr Fun: Charlie Watts is Bored

Tumblr is another form of social media that educates me. The Carousel is a tumblr site that does not just post music videos, but also points out nuances to the videos. Take for example, this post on the Rolling Stone’s Angie.

I love that the author advises viewers to check out the 50-second mark on this video (for Charlie Watts’ reaction while playing in a song that he has very little to perform).

Then there is this video, at the 2-minute mark, where Charlie clearly does not want the documentary maker filming him as he is seeemingly disengaged.

Please check out the whole Tumblr site, if for nothing else this Rick Moranis as Michael McDonald bit.

Comments No Longer Welcome

When I started this blog four years ago, I looked forward to fostering an audience that would get into discussions in the comments section. For whatever reason, however, my blog has never generated a great deal of comments. Until recently that is, when I started getting a flood of spam comments.

I have better things to do with my time than filter spam, of course.

So while I appreciate those of you that have commented over the years, the era of comments are over. Unless of course you want to comment on my Tumblr page, or if you are pals with me on Facebook.

Actress Rachel G. Fox on Dream House

Article first published as Interview: Actress Rachel G. Fox on Dream House on Blogcritics.

Rachel G. Fox

This past weekend [Late September] saw the theatrical release of Dream House, a mystery/thriller directed by Jim Sheridan and featuring actress Rachel G. Fox in a supporting role. Fox recently was more than happy to discuss via email her role in the film, as well as her work on the ABC Family series Melissa & Joey.  Not every actress can say they’ve acted alongside Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts in a movie, and as revealed in our discussion, Fox clearly enjoyed playing Watts’ daughter. Many families desire to own the ideal home, and in Dream House, the Atentons (Craig and Weisz) think they have found theirs. But soon the family discover their home was the scene of a murder and that their lives may be in danger as well. Fox plays a member of the Patterson family, who live next door to the Atentons. On the social media front, fans of Fox will be pleased to learn, as of last week, she has joined Tumblr. My thanks to Fox for her time and thoughts.

What was the audition experience like for Dream House, did you have to audition for director Jim Sheridan? Can you talk about what it was like to work with an award-winning director like Sheridan? 

The audition process for Dream House started with me sending in a tape to the casting director in New York, through my agent. There were thousands of tapes submitted and the director, Jim Sheridan, chose two girls to meet with in a director session. I didn’t know it was just two of us until I arrived at the director session! At the time, I had heard of Sheridan, but I did not know fully about his work so I researched about him and learned about his projects (Brothers, In America) and his stature.

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