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Must See TV: American Masters on Mel Brooks

There are so many highlights to this PBS American Masters documentary, Mel Brooks: Make a Noise. To name a few of them: Brooks recounts when he realized the full measure of what Hitler did to the Jews; how he used comedy to belittle Hitler; and finally, The Producers (the musical) director/choreographer, Susan Stroman, recounting how Brooks’ humor helped her cope with the death of her husband, Mike Ockrent.

Watch Mel Brooks: Make a Noise on PBS. See more from American Masters.

Brian Hudson on his new release, Comfort Quest

Brian Hudson: Comfort Quest
Brian Hudson: Comfort Quest

It has been more two years since I last spoke to Brian Hudson about his music. This past February, Hudson released his latest album, Comfort Quest. In addition to discussing the challenges of recording this new album, Hudson opened up about moving to New Orleans and the impact the change in surroundings has had on the singer/songwriter’s music.

Tim O’Shea: What was the biggest challenge to recording this new collection of songs?

Brian Hudson: There were so many challenges. The album was in Austin unfinished when I moved to New Orleans. So finishing it meant driving back to Texas for long stretches to work on the project and making the money through gigs to pay for the project simultaneously.

The fiddle and piano tracks I recorded myself with my own rig in Los Angeles were plagued with glitchy poppy sounds and I spent days trying to find a technological solution. Ultimately I found a miracle plug-in called Izotope which is able to bandage badly damaged audio.

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