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Kennedy Center Honors | David Letterman Tribute

As the comedians note in tribute to David Letterman (from last night’s Kennedy Center Honors on CBS), it is fun to see Dave be uncomfortable. People (namely Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel and Ray Romano) complimenting and honoring him definitely makes him squirm.

This tribute was great to watch, except the end, when producers made all four presenters interact in a scripted manner. That was awkward for everyone.

Rob Reiner Answers Facebook Questions

This video, part of the Academy Conversations on Facebook, proves I can watch Rob Reiner doing anything. Someone in the Oscars social media department (or heck maybe it was Reiner himself) decided it would be a good idea to film him standing up in his office. So while getting to hear Reiner opine on various subjects (including an interest in a Spinal Tap sequel)–as great as that is–it is not so great to look up Reiner’s nose. You may disagree.

Really, it’s awkward. Funny, but awkward.

RIP Reinhold Weege

The creator of Night Court, one of my all-time favorite sitcoms, Reinhold Weege died of natural causes on December 1. The Wrap has details.

His death gave me reason to track down John Larroquete’s twitter account, in which he wrote the following great tribute:

Below is one of my favorite Night Court bits.

Where Have I Been?

No new posts since late November? Yowza.

I love pop culture and I love social media. And since I first developed this blog, the ability to share my thoughts–random and short–has become much easier with sites like Tumblr (You can find me there here). And the feedback is more immediate than I often receive on this blog.

Is this my time to end the blog? Heck no. For one thing, I cannot run interviews on Tumblr–and I still want to have this forum to express myself. I may start providing links to fun Tumblr items (or other social media observations) as well.

Thanks for your patience, in the interim, and thanks for reading.